Applying proven continuous improvement methodology to help you build a robust foundation for your ERP implementation!


ERP Optimization TRACC offers manufacturers a new and innovative approach for preparing for an ERP implementation.  With ERP Optimization TRACC, you, the client, implement actions, in your current legacy environment, that help instill the key principles and behaviors that will enable you to thrive in an ERP environment.  You set the pace, and you drive the activities, thereby affording your organization an opportunity to learn and adjust to life in an ERP environment BEFORE going all in and actually taking the ERP plunge. This approach helps your organization naturally build the kind of internal ERP capability and understanding, before go-live, that many organizations only acquire after years of operation. With ERP Optimization TRACC, you will know when it is the right time to pull the trigger on an ERP implementation, and you will be well positioned for success!

The ERP Optimization TRACC approach is:

  • A roadmap for success before, during, and after your ERP implementation
  • ERP system-agnostic because it is based on fundamental ERP principles
  • Hosted on the TRACC Platform, CCi’s trademark Integrative Improvement System, which is well known, and respected in the continuous improvement community
  • Focused on the tasks, mindsets, and behaviors deemed most critical for ERP success for manufacturers
  • Owned and driven by your employees – THIS IS HOW REAL, SUSTAINABLE, CULTURAL CHANGE HAPPENS!
  • Supported by expert consultants to help guide and train your trainers, so they can guide and train your organization

The ERP Optimization TRACC approach contains:

  • An online system that helps you assess, plan, track, and manage your improvements
  • A “How To” playbook describing over 70 specific action items, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Tailored work plans that can be auto-generated from the assessments, and modified as needed
  • A means for creating and sharing global standards, and examples of “what good looks like”
  • Training programs and materials designed to be delivered by your internal trainers

The ERP Optimization TRACC approach provides:

  • A standardized approach for implementing across multiple sites, with reduced dependency on external support
  • A low-cost, low-risk way for you to begin your ERP journey from the comfort of your current legacy system
  • An opportunity to confidently, and quantitatively gage your organization’s readiness for an ERP implementation
  • Peace of mind that you have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure you will be successful in your ERP implementation